Last night I was working late to make up for the couple of hours I allowed myself to have off in the sunshine. 
Visiting Green Island Gardens, near Colchester, was a welcome break from, commercial copywriting, writing blogs and newsletters, creating SEO content for websites and managing other businesses' social media. 
I knew it would be a wise investment of my time, as I was storing creative fat for the lean, mean autumn and winter months, when the clocks turn back and the cold, dark nights draw in. 
The memories of the beautiful autumnal colours and late blooms, butterflies and bees, will hopefully keep me going until the first timid snowdrop pokes it's tiny head through the frozen earth to announce that spring is on its way! 
I returned to my office later feeling refreshed. Write Wai's clients won't notice that I had a short break, as their work will still be done on time, as usual. 
How about you? 
Why don't you give yourself a break sometimes, especially as it's coming up to the schools' half-term? And it’s not long until the Christmas festivities. 
It's good for your mental health and well-being and gives you chance to have a different perspective on your business. 
Being a businessowner can be stressful, especially if you are trying to manufacture products or carry out services by yourself or with a small team. 
Marketing your business, publishing regular business blogs on your website or Pulse articles on LinkedIn, posting consistently on your social media and sending out weekly or monthly newsletters can feel like a burden to small to medium enterprises (SME). 
Maybe it’s time for you to learn to take a break and delegate, or use a contractor, like Write Wai PR & Copywriting Services, to do your online marketing for you. It will help to free up your time and allow you the space to work ON your business, instead of IN your business. 
If you would like to discuss how Write Wai can provide services (please add a link to Write Wai’s services page) for your business, please don’t hesitate to contact us by calling today on 07956 977 994 or via our contacts page. 
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