Before we get started communicating Write Wai’s top tips for crafting creative content, let’s try a quick exercise. 
Get up a search engine like Google or Bing on your computer, tablet or mobile phone and do a search of your own business’s or ministry’s name. 
Where does it rank? Is it on the first page or lower down in ranking? How far down is it? Try this exercise again after implementing our 7 top tips and we bet your website will rank more highly. 
Sharing content that is valuable, educational, inspiring, entertaining, relevant and consistent is vital for your website, blogs, vlogs and social media posts. It’s also vital if you want your business or Christian ministry to be ranked highly in search engine result pages (SERPs), to be found by your potential customers and to attract, generate and retain your target audience. 
If you want to get your business or ministry website ranking more highly in searches and drive more traffic to booking your services or ordering your products, read on. Having worked in content marketing for several years, we’re pretty savvy about what works best. And today we’re going to share some of that knowledge with you. 

What is content? 

Your content is any information, material, communications or experiences that you release to your ideal audience or end-user through various mediums and platforms.  
Content can take the form of social media posts, articles, press releases, questions, e-newsletters, competitions, webinars, infographics, testimonials, videos, photos, case studies, white papers, e-books and much more. 

What is Content Marketing? 

Content marketing is the effective way you publish and use your content to engage with your viewers and encourage them to take the action you desire towards your product or services, without explicitly promoting your brand. 

What should you be aiming for in your content? 

Don’t try to thrust your products or services down your readers’ neck. The intention isn’t just to grab attention, but to hold it and forge an ongoing relationship with them. Instead of being pushy and direct, you need to show your consumer that you are an expert, can be trusted and inspire them. 

Engage with your prospects 

You don’t have to employ eye-catching stunts or slogans to attract your potential customers, you want to use something they will value or need to know, so they come back wanting more. 
Connect with them on an emotional so they become your raving fans and are willing to promote your brand for you, because they like it so much. 

Optimise your content for search engines 

Keep the hungry search engine monsters happy by using SEO keywords and phrases in your content. Use keywords and phrases that your prospects might be seeking to find in searches. For example, we use Essex copywriter, Colchester copywriter, copywriting and Christian copywriter as well as other keywords for Write Wai PR & Copywriting Services. 
Another important SEO tip is to tag your images, add descriptions and page titles. 
How to be the ‘go-to’ business in your industry 
Interact with your audience. Don’t just join the conversation, lead it and you will be amazed just how many people follow you. 

Never duplicate content and avoid plagiarism 

Copying someone else’s content and publishing it as your own is a big “no-no” where content marketing is concerned, and search engines will rank your website lower when they spot it. Read this blog to find out more on this subject.  

Be a giver, not a taker. 

Businesses and ministries need to demonstrate that they are better than all of the rest without having to strive to do so. Think about what you want to say, what others want to hear and then say it. Great influencers inform, invigorate and inspire. You should strive to do the same. By sharing your knowledge, expertise and resources, you not only provide a service to your customers, but you also enhance your brand and motivate your employees. 

Be genuine 

The best way to draw attention to your business is to be yourself and to let people connect with YOU rather than your business. Don’t be afraid to show off your sparkling personality or hidden talents. 
Watch out for a future blog from Write Wai on this subject. 
For more helpful tips on content, check “Write Wai’s Golden Rules of Copywriting” 
If you need any other help or advice, get in touch via our contact page. 
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