It's hard to believe it is already this time of year. As we approach this quarter of the year, I'd like to share with you 5 top tips to boost your brand on social media for the remainder of 2020. 
Now is a good time to refresh your marketing strategy to help you focus on building your brand during the rest of the year, or even the decade. 
Whatever the size of your company, whether you're a sole trader or run a small to medium enterprise or a large company exporting worldwide, you will need to plan tactically to grow your business online. 
Social Media is the new marketing tool of this century and although it won't cost you as much as traditional forms of marketing, like advertisements on billboards, you will have to invest a lot of time and energy on creating content to show your expertise. 
Top Tips 
1) Know your ideal client. Your online presence and social media posts should be tailored to target the type of customer you wish to attract. You need to know everything about them, from what they are looking for, to where they meet and which social media platforms they use, then create content to meet their needs and build your brand. 
2) Review what worked well for you last year and once you know, repeat this tactic. For example, if you gained lots of new leads through a press release, look for something to base a new one on. You can share the results on your various social media platforms. 
3) Don’t forget to also try something new, whether it is a new network, webinars, writing a Pulse article for LinkedIn, or something to automate your marketing like Hootsuite ( or to put words on your marketing pictures like Canva ( 
4) Write a marketing strategy, whether it is for your social media, email marketing or general marketing. You can plan for the year ahead by focusing on dates that are relevant to your business e.g. Mother's Day (March 22, 2020) for Florists or major exhibition dates for your industry. Most importantly, stick to it! 
5) Look after your current clients. Did you know it costs 80% of your marketing budget to gain a new client but just 20% of designated funds to keep one? Business owners need to remember that their organisation can achieve substantial growth just by appreciating their current customers who might be willing buy extra services or products and will recommend you to others. That’s where Write Wai gets a lot of our work. 
So there you are. We hope these tips work for you. Don’t overburden yourself. If you can’t dedicate the time or energy to carrying these out, why not outsource them to someone who can do it for you, like Write Wai PR & Copywriting Services (check our services page on this website for how we can help you). 
Wishing you every success! 
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